Our Philosophy

MEL Scholar Ltd – Science Teaching and Education Philosophy

In order to become an effective and indeed a ‘useful’ scientist, it is very important that the following things either take place in or are a characteristic of your lessons.

  • The lessons must be fun, engaging and stimulating,
  • The lessons must be clearly linked to context to make them relevant,
  • The lessons must follow a logical sequence of learning that provides opportunity for real mastery of each topic covered,
  • The lessons must provide as wide an exposure to all branches of science as possible so that any individuals inherent natural inclination is catered for,
  • The lessons should clearly lead to deep respect and awe of the natural universe,
  • The lessons should facilitate becoming very comfortable…if not ‘happy’ with doubt!
  • The lessons should encourage a healthy balance of working as individuals and within a team,
  • The lessons, above all, should be hands on, practically based and develop the physical ability of handling a wide range of apparatus, chemicals and biological or geological resources for the discovery and critical analysis of novel data.

Whilst the incredible revolution in VR and AR technologies, without doubt, assist and facilitate the understanding of big and small scientific concepts…. You cannot become a Chemist, Physicist, Biologist or Geologist by ‘staring at a screen’…. In much the same way that you can’t become a world class Chef without chopping the odd onion or surgeon without poking the occasional gloved finger into a wound!

We are the Science Education Debate, We are MEL Scholar.