Science Matters!

The world needs a far more scientifically literate population, and it also needs more scientists! The last 4 decades has shown unprecedented growth in the human population and this has led to a huge increase in the demand for food, energy resources, conservation of our natural resources, protection of the environment, tackling disease and access to fresh water amongst the most pressing needs.

The only way this will happen is for science and scientists to provide the solutions….and for this you need more scientists! (no surprise here then!)

The problem is however, that over the last 40-50 years the teaching and learning of science has changed very little and if anything has actually impeded the development of an increasingly scientifically literate population and numbers of talented science graduates.

So MEL Scholar is taking the ‘Long View’! You can’t suddenly ‘switch on’ the supply of instant great scientists or suddenly create much more informed and critical thinking populations…but you can ‘grow’ them over a 10-20 year period.

Our focus is on stimulating, motivating and encouraging the creation of the thousands of scientists the world is going to need in the years ahead by starting in Primary Schools, where amazing teachers are supported properly with the tools they need to inspire and nurture young minds!

To this end we wholeheartedly endorse one of the clearest observations that can be made about how best to teach Practical Science in this Gatsby report. It’s an essential read for those wanting to ensure their science lessons are effective.

Download the report here: